10 PCS 5mm LDTR – YJ0001 Infrared Transmitting / Receiving Tube
Product Description1. Simple and easy 2. Diameter: 5mm 3. Lighting angle: 45 degree 4. Input: 1..
10 PCS Alligator Clips Crocodile Clamp Insulated Test Lead
Product Description1. Material: soft rubber + steel 2. Use for testing instrument and apparatu..
10 PCS LDTR – YJ004 5.5 x 2.1mm DC Power Socket
Product Description1. Simple and easy 2. Rated load: DC 30V 3. Rated current: 0.5A 4. Insertion..
10 PCS LDTR-YJ024 5mm 4-Pin RGB Full Color LED Common Cathode
Product Description1. Suitable size, easy to use 2. Convenient to operate 3. Type: Full color..
100cm Double-end Alligator Clip Insulated Test Lead
Product Description1. Material: PVC + copper + iron 2. Alligator clips are fully insulated and..
120 Pcs Aluminum Condenser LDTR – YJ029 Electrolytic Capacitor
Product Description1. Color: black 2. Quantity: 120 3. Material: aluminum 4. High quality an..
14 Pin NRF905 Wireless Module with AMS1117 3.3V Stable Chip Socket Adapter Plate Board Converter DIY for Arduino – Blue
Product Description1.14-pin NRF905 wireless module can be directly inserted in a female header...
150W Adjustable Step-up Mobile Power Supply Module
Product Description1. Input voltage: 10 – 32V, output voltage: 12 – 35V ( adjustab..
16 Channel PWM Servo Motor Controller DIY for Arduino
Product Description1. Works with official Arduino boards 2. This is an I2C controlled PWM drive..
1838T Infrared Receiver Sensor Module with 3 Pin Dupont Line for Ardunio
Product Description1. Type: Infrared Receiver Sensor Module 2. Easy and convenient to use 3. ..
2 PCS 1027 Flat Vibrating Vibration Motor for Cell Phone
Product Description1. Material: iron 2. Small size 3. Vibration motor for mobile phoneSpecifica..
2 PCS Landa Tianrui LDTR-GN003 433MHz / 2dBi Spring Antenna for RF Modules (Bronze)
Product Description1. Material: Phosphor copper. 2. Frequency: 433MHz. 3. Antenna gain: 2.0dBi...
2 PCS LandaTianrui LDTR-WG0126 3W Audio Amplifier Board (Red)
Product Description1. Voltage: DC 2.5-5.5V. 2. Output Power: 3W + 3W (at 4 ohm). 3. Noise rati..
2 PCS LandaTianrui LDTR-WG0127 DC 5V D-level Mini Digital Amplifier Board (Green)
Product Description1. Speaker resistance: 4-8ohms, recommended: 4ohms 2. Speaker power: 2-8W 3...
2 PCS Mini RS232 Max3232 to TTL Level Conversion Board
Product Description1. Chip: MAX3232CSE 2. Voltage range: 3 v to 5 v 3. The highest baud rate ..
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